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The Guest Screen of the MOBOTIX Camera

The Guest screen of the camera is a restricted screen without any access to administrative functions or image settings.

This screen only allows setting the frame rate within the preset limits and accessing the Live screen by clicking on the Menu link at the bottom of the page.

The Elements of the Guest Screen

Hold your mouse over the elements of the user interface to see the bubble help. Click on the element to go to the description.

Camera Model Camera Name Open Help Camera Information Image Area Text appearance Date Display Event number and event symbols Action Symbols Menu Image Controls

Elements of the Title Bar




Camera Model


Displays the model of the MOBOTIX camera.

Camera Name


Shows the camera name as set in the Quick Installation wizard or in the Ethernet Interface dialog in the Camera name field.

Open Help

Open Help

Opens the online help for the current screen or dialog. If no help page is available, the Table of Contents page will be displayed.

Camera Information

Displays information on the hardware, software and the most important settings of the camera.

Screens of the Camera





The Live screen of the MOBOTIX camera displays the current images of the camera.

Use the dropdown menus to access certain functions of the image controls and the camera administration or open the Setup Menu to see links to all image and event control dialogs.

The Admin Menu (password-protected) contains all dialogs for configuring the camera.

See also

The Live Screen


Use the Player screen to view and download the events stored in the internal or the external image storage of the camera.

See also

The Player


Use the MultiView screen to combine several cameras in different patterns and to assign special functions (highlighting, focus on alarm, ...) for the individual cameras.


The Guest screen allows viewing the camera's live image, setting the frame rate within the preset limits and accessing the Live screen by clicking on the Menu link at the bottom of the page.


The PDA screen displays the camera's current image for low-resolution devices (PDAs and smartphones).

If you would like to see a list of events on your PDA and download event images, open the PDA Event List.

See also

The PDA Screen

The Image Area




Image Area

The image area shows the current image of the camera.

Text appearance


Shows the text defined in the Text and Display Settings dialog.

Date Display

5/1/2015 CEST 10:01:22

Displays the date and time information of the current image.

Event Symbols

000807 UC VM PI

Show the event number (000807 in this case) and the symbols for the activated sensors.

Action Symbols


This shows the symbols of the activated actions. In this case, REC (Storage) and FS (File Server storage) are active.

Image Control Elements




Frame rate

Select the desired frame rate for the Guest screen.

Open the Language and Start Page dialog to set the frame rate limits for the Guest screen to save bandwidth when users are accessing the camera via the Internet, for example.

Other Options

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